creepy room with skeletons, cobwebs and pumpkins

I love Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday. I love all the scary movies and the costumes and the spooky decorations. Speaking of, I was out in my yard on October 1st putting up my scary décor. This includes my skeleton with duster in hand on my porch and a scarecrow vacuuming up all his fallen straw in the yard. I know. Brilliant! There is nothing scarier than housework.

Except for appliances that seem to be haunted. Sometimes they can have a mind of their own. Especially with today’s technology built in to many of them. Now they can talk and tell you what’s wrong with them. Does that mean they will need to have appliance shrinks too?

Sure, there will be glitches and maybe the occasional low growling voice coming from the fridge saying “Zuul!” But these appliances below appear to be straight out of Maximum Overdrive.

Take this washer for instance. This thing really wants to get loose and terrorize the neighborhood. At one point it starts attacking the dryer. Yikes! Where’s a shrink when you need one?

Courtesy of Rawfully Radiant on YouTube

This is super creepy. This ghost wasn’t happy.

Courtesy of

But nothing takes the cake like this woman’s Satanic toaster, complete with “Satan Lives” toast. It even lights up in a nice fiery display when she puts in a piece of bread. When asked why she doesn’t just get rid of it, she replies, “When all is said and done, it makes good toast.” Guess they like the really crispy stuff. Thank goodness toast can’t talk back.

Courtesy of Richard Gore on Youtube. Originally run on the “Today” show, in May, 1984

Halloween can be a spooky time of year, especially if you scare easily. Just remember, that knocking under your bed is probably just your Roomba, your haunted Roomba. Bwahahaha!