The Height of Luxury: Transform Your Space With Designer Wastebaskets

Explore our selection of high-end, tech-savvy waste bins for the discerning buyer 

luxury voice + motion dual compartment rectangular sensor can

Experience the blend of elegance and innovation with this high-dollar trash can. Crafted for convenience, this smart bin offers a hands-free waste disposal experience, making your kitchen chores more efficient and hygienic. 

The Michael Aram Mirage Bathroom Wastebasket 

Elevate your bathroom ambiance with this exquisite designer wastebasket. Inspired by Indian craftsmanship, this elegant piece is forged from durable stainless steel and oozes sophistication.

The Burke Décor Hyde Oval Tapered Office Wastebasket 

Impress your clients and elevate your workspace with this designer office basket. Wrapped in real animal hide with fur, it adds a rich, tactile element to your office setting. 

Your Space Deserves The Best

Invest in these luxury waste bins and enhance the look and functionality of your home or office. Stylish, efficient, and unparalleled in their class.

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