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Saving the Planet with Reel 100% Recycled Paper Towels

A sustainable solution for your home

Why Recycled Paper Towels?

Traditional paper towels are made from virgin tree pulp, contributing to deforestation and habitat loss. Recycled paper towels, however, use post-consumer materials, saving trees and resources

The Amazon Rainforest Crisis

With an area the size of New York City recently cut down in the Amazon, the need for recycled paper products is more critical than ever. Trees in the Amazon regulate climate and produce oxygen - they are the planet's lungs

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About Reel Paper’s Recycled Paper Towels

Reel's paper towels are made from 100% recycled material, 80% of which is post-consumer fiber. Their packaging is also 100% recycled and plastic-free

Reel's Partnership

Reel partners with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization combating deforestation. To date, they've planted 52 million trees in 70 countries

Reel Paper Towels: Quick Facts

Each roll has 135 sheets, is 2-ply, and offers a half-sheet option to reduce waste. Plus, they're biodegradable, dye-free, and BPA-Free

Performance Comparison

Reel's paper towels are thick, soft, and as absorbent as popular brands like Brawny or Bounty. They also use more post-consumer material than other recycled brands like Seventh Generation

Pricing Comparison

Reel's paper towels are available on their website with subscription and one-time purchase options. The pricing is comparable to other brands, and you're contributing to saving the planet too

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