How a Simple Cleaning Checklist Can Revolutionize Your Housekeeping

house cleaning checklists can make your house cleaning easier.  Here's How:

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1. Stop feeling overwhelmed

A house cleaning checklist tells you what to do and when to do it

2.Save time

Plan your tasks each day to allocate time for easy and hard chores

3. Don't forget a task

Tasks are listed so you don't forget overlooked spots to clean

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4. Teach responsibility

Assign chores for the kids and have fun checking them off

Ready to make house cleaning a breeze? Try a cleaning checklist today, and experience the difference 

About The Cleaning Lady

I’m a professional house cleaner with 20 years of experience cleaning houses under my belt, and I’ve learned alot about cleaning, organizing and how people react to these tasks. I’ve worked with hoarders, people will mental disorders and the young and old. What I’ve learned is everyone has different levels of “clean” and most people hate to clean. I give you cleaning and organization tips that are easy to use and don’t take all your time. And I am a fan of gadgets that will help you clean. My motto is “Work smarter, not harder!”