The Hoarder, Part 2

The first day I worked at the Hoarder’s house, I realized things were going to be a little trickier than I thought. I brought a bunch boxes with me to set up “Donate,” “Keep” and “Maybe” boxes. I decided to start in the living room as I figured the clothes would be easy to put a good dent in and maybe the couple could actually … Continue reading The Hoarder, Part 2

Christmas and the Bird Lady

Today I went to the Bird Lady’s house. I call her the Bird Lady, not because she has a bunch of birds in cages, but because she spends the majority of her days in her sunroom smoking cigarettes and identifying all the birds who fly into her yard.  She is an elderly woman, in her mid-seventies, but still gets around surprisingly well and always has … Continue reading Christmas and the Bird Lady

Does This Cleaning Job Come With a Hazmat Suit?

Today, I’m cleaning Midge’s house.  She is one of my favorite clients but also the one I need insurance for, or a Hazmat suit. Midge is a short, sweet, 50-something divorcee living alone in a spacious condo in a gated community.  She also has a penchant for vodka and covering sharp objects with towels. Every two weeks I prepare for Midge’s cleaning day as I … Continue reading Does This Cleaning Job Come With a Hazmat Suit?