Happy Halloween! Um, I Think You’re Doing It Wrong

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I used to spend weeks decorating. Carving pumpkins, putting little tombstones in the yard, even setting up fake skeletons on the porch with dusters in hand, cleaning all the fake cobwebs. Nowadays I spend most of my time helping my clients decorate. Granted they don’t have the same vision as me. Each one has their own unique way of doing … Continue reading Happy Halloween! Um, I Think You’re Doing It Wrong

The Morning After…

Cleaning houses is hard enough. It’s even harder when you have a house full of people you have to dodge to get the job done. Some of my clients are notorious for having full houses during my scheduled cleaning days. Hey, it’s their house, I get it. But it would be nice to give the cleaning lady a heads up. Last week the bachelor (read … Continue reading The Morning After…

A Word About Floors

I hate cleaning floors. Out of all my housecleaning duties it is my least favorite, mainly because it takes the most time and most of my clients are completely anal about them. And rightly so, for the most part. If a house is completely clean, but the floors are dirty, the house will still appear messy. Inversely, sweeping and vacuuming the floors is the fastest … Continue reading A Word About Floors

Spring Yard Work Time

In addition to cleaning the Bird Lady’s house and decking her halls with ungodly amounts of Christmas decorations, I also take care of her small back yard and flower beds in the front. This is not a job responsibility I look forward to, mostly because she refuses to buy the right equipment, like yard equipment. So come Spring, she hands me her kitchen scissors and … Continue reading Spring Yard Work Time

Two tea pots boiling on one gas burner

If People Weren’t Complete Trainwrecks, I’d Be Out of a Cleaning Job

I have ten clients on my roaster at the moment.  It’s a good number for me as I work by, and for, myself.  Everyone keeps telling me to hire some people and grow my business into some cleaning empire, scrubbing the world of filth and coffee stains, but I’m happy where I am.  And my clients are a handful enough. All my clients vary in … Continue reading If People Weren’t Complete Trainwrecks, I’d Be Out of a Cleaning Job