When Cleaning is Not for the Bashful

As I’ve said before, being a cleaning lady requires a certain set of skills. Being squeamish, impatient, and generally disagreeable won’t get you far in this business. But I’m here to tell you of another skill set you must perfect to succeed. And that is not being bashful, or a prude, to use an old-school term. You see, we as cleaning ladies are invisible, and … Continue reading When Cleaning is Not for the Bashful

Cleaning Lady/Client Confidentiality

Or as I like to call it, “No ma’am,” “No sir” and “Fine” I realize the title of this post is a bit hypocritical, considering I write a blog about my clients, but I post anonymously and change the names of my subjects. And I highly doubt any of my many followers know any of these people, so I’m probably safe for now. Until the … Continue reading Cleaning Lady/Client Confidentiality

Spring Yard Work Time

In addition to cleaning the Bird Lady’s house and decking her halls with ungodly amounts of Christmas decorations, I also take care of her small back yard and flower beds in the front. This is not a job responsibility I look forward to, mostly because she refuses to buy the right equipment, like yard equipment. So come Spring, she hands me her kitchen scissors and … Continue reading Spring Yard Work Time