tide bottle with blood on it like movie Carrie for commercial

Halloween is that time of year when I like to dust off the old scary movie classics from my youth and remember that I used to be scared by that mechanical zombie guy whose arms couldn’t move quite right. Nowadays, it’s my clients who are downright scary. It’s also the time when some companies get a little spooky with their commercials. So here’s a list of 5 commercials that took Halloween and ran with it.

1. Dirt Devil

First up is this Dirt Devil commercial that spoofs the Exorcist movie. It’s got quite the production value and has an unexpected twist at the end.

MrPrice2u via YouTube

2. Mr. Clean

Next is this Mr. Clean commercial from Super Bowl 51. It might not be creepy in the traditional Halloween sense, but this cartoon muscle man gyrating while cleaning gives me the willies.

Sangi Souji via YouTube

3. Tilex

And what’s not creepier than Vincent Price talking about the mold in your shower in this Tilex commercial.

Internet Lurker via YouTube

3. Tide

Tide went a little rouge with this super creepy but very creative Halloween commercial compilation.

Kurt Jansson via Youtube

2. Electrolux

This Electrolux commercial is similar to the Dirt Devil, but a little scarier due to the real-world nature of the ad. Viewers with emotional issues should watch at your own risk.

horrorforkids via YouTube

Happy Halloween!