Printable Bare Minimum House Cleaning Schedule Checklist


Don’t spend all your time cleaning the house!  Use this checklist to keep up with chores and still have time to spend doing what you love.


Don’t let house cleaning take over your life!  I’ve devised a simple and realistic house cleaning schedule that will allow you to maintain your home in a few minutes a day to give you more time to do the things you love.  Minimal cleaning at it’s best!  Use this printable checklist to keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning chores.  Downloadable in high quality 8×10 pdf form for you to print and use as often as you like.

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How to use the Bare Minimum House Cleaning Schedule Checklist:

  1. Fill out the purchase information.  On the next page after purchase, click on the beige box to download the pdf to your computer.
  2. Print out your form.  Prints out 8×10 to fit regular printer paper.
  3. Next to the “Once a week” list and “Once a month” list are yellow rectangles.  Choose a day of the week that is most convenient to you for each task and write that day in the yellow square. For example, if you want to wipe down the bathrooms on Thursday, write “Thursday” in the yellow square.  You can pick different days of the week for each chore, or do them all on the same day.  Whatever will work for you.
  4. Do the same thing with the “Once a month” tasks.  Pick a day of the month that is the easiest for you to do the listed cleaning task and write is in the yellow rectangle.
  5. Next to each task is a small yellow square.  Put a X or a check mark next to each chore performed for day, week and month.
  6. You’ll have 5 days from purchase to download your checklist.

That’s it! Secure and easy checkout.

Read more about the Bare Minimum House Cleaning Schedule here.


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