Printable Pretty Pink Blank Weekly Planner / Checklist


Put some flair into your chores and stay on top of your tasks in style with this pink blank, one-page weekly checklist.


Many people have trouble staying on top of tasks, appointments and housekeeping.  This one-page, weekly planner can help.  Broken down into days of the week with check boxes, this blank planner can help you stay organized.  Customize to anything you want to keep track of.  In stylish pink so chores don’t have to be boring anymore!  The pink flower pattern puts some flair into your to-do list.

What can you use the printable planner for?

Great for staying on top of cleaning routines, chores and appointments and as a to-do list.  Great for adults or kids.  Get the whole family involved and create individual checklists for each family member.  Also great for roommates when dividing up the house cleaning and chores.  Create a kids responsibility chart.

If you have a mental disability like ADHD or Depression, this checklist can help keep you on task.  I’ve created a list of tips and tricks for house cleaning with ADHD.

Check out more ideas on how to organize your tasks into a weekly to-do list.

How to use the printable weekly planner / checklist?

Click on the “Secure Etsy Checkout” and follow the prompts.  Your weekly checklist will download automatically as a PDF file after payment.  Print out on regular printer paper as many times as you like.

Figure out what tasks you need help keeping track of.  You can use several for various things you need to keep organized.  Such as one for appointments, one for Dad chores and one as a cleaning schedule.

Write each task on the blank spaces under the “Chores” heading.  As you complete each task, mark a checkmark in the box corresponding to the day.

Downloadable so you can print out at home as many times as you like.  It’s versatile and so simple to use.  The sky’s the limit for what you kind of routine you can create or task you can organize.

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