plastno roll of bags on kitchen counter for cover

By The Cleaning Lady


Plastno compostable bags are non-toxic and biodegradable. They use plant-based ingredients to make the bags. The garbage bags are thicker and stronger than other eco-friendly bags I’ve used and the price is cheaper or comparable to other compostable trash bags.

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Plastno compostable garbage bags are the latest product on the market to tackle climate change and move households to eco-friendly alternatives to toxic products that wreak havoc on your health and the environment. Their aim is to end single-plastic use in homes and make sustainable living easy and affordable.

What are Plastno Biodegradable Bags?

Plastno roll of bags on kitchen counter

Plastno bags are compostable bags made from plant-based materials and innovative manufacturing technology that enables the bags to decompose in landfills in a matter of months instead of years or 100s of years as regular petroleum-based bags take to decompose.

Some specs on the product include:

  • 13-gallon biodegradable trash bags
  • Fits most standard tall kitchen trash bins
  • Multilayer strength suitable for heavy household trash
  • Drawstring for easy closure and carrying
  • Flat-sealed bottom to prevent leaks, rips, and tears
  • TUV-Certified home compostable
  • BPI-Certified industrial compostable
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging
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They use renewable, plant-based materials, which break down naturally into organic matter. These ingredients include:

  • Cornstarch – You can probably find some of this in your kitchen. It’s usually used as a thickening agent to thicken up sauces and gravies.
  • Polylactic Acid – This is derived from sugar cane and is used because of its similarities to plastic, but with an ability to biodegrade quickly.
  • Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate – This is also made from renewable resources like corn starch and sugarcane and breaks down naturally in the environment.

The bags are also BPI and TUV-certified for composting at home and in commercial facilities, meaning they have passed rigorous tests for compostability without leaving a trace.

back of plastno bags label with certifications

Why should you use biodegradable bags instead of regular trash bags?

Single-use plastic has become a big problem for the planet. It fills our landfills to the brink and ends up in our lakes, rivers and oceans, and even pollutes our drinking water and food.

fish eating plactic bag in ocean surrounded by plastic

According to The World, the world uses 5 trillion plastic bags per year. That’s 160,000 a second. And that is a staggering number. What is even more staggering is that less than 1% are recycled. And it takes up to 1,000 years for plastic to break down completely. So where do they all go? According to them, 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. And by 2050, they estimate that the world’s oceans will contain more plastic bags than fish.

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These bags break up into smaller pieces that the fish eat but can’t digest, entering our food chain.

The World Counts website keeps track of the number of plastic bags produced (and consequently end up in the environment). And if this doesn’t make you want to switch to eco-friendly bags, I don’t know what will.

Are Plastno bags good?

Yes, I’ve reviewed a few compostable bags on this website, including HoldOn Bags and My Eco Word bags, and I will say that they are superior to the ones I’ve reviewed thus far.

full plastno bag


They are very durable. I decided to test out how strong they actually are. So I got all the weights I had (don’t mind the cobwebs, lol) and a rock for good measure. I had three 5-pound weights, one 3-pound weight and the rock weighs 6 pounds. That is 24 lbs. The average 13-gallon trash bag can hold up to 20 lbs. So I was pretty surprised at the results.

plastno bags with weights and a rock in it
plastno bag with more than 20 pounds in it
It hung for 20 minutes without breaking


As I’ve said earlier, they are made with sustainably sourced and renewable ingredients that are non-toxic and break down easily and safely in the environment. Also, in keeping with its zero-waste philosophy, the bags come in minimal packaging (just a recyclable brown box).


Plastno bags are made to break down completely in less than a year.


Plastno sells its 13-gallon trash bags in a roll of 30 for $18.00. That breaks down to $0.60 a bag. In comparison, HoldOn bags cost $0.64 cents a bag (note, if you sign up for the HoldOn subscription service, the bags come out to $0.54 a bag, saving ten cents, but you have to sign up for reoccurring orders).

How do Plastno bags compare to other compostable bags on the market?

From what I have experienced, Plastno bags are stronger and have a better quality than other bags I have tested. They are also cheaper or comparable in price to all. On a side note, some biodegradable bags companies like to get fancy with the aesthetics of their bags, making them different colors. Plastno has retained the classic white trash bag color, so if you are into how your garbage bags look, this may be a plus. They also come with strong drawstring ties.

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In the race to create sustainable and eco-friendly products for the home, Plastno has come out on top. I am an avid environmental advocate and Plastno takes the guilt out of using garbage bags. They plan to launch more sustainable products in their line, so check back for news.