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By The Cleaning Lady


Effectiveness: 5 stars

Environmentally friendly?: Yes, JAWS is approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program and cuts down on carbon emissions through reduced shipping.

Price: Cheaper than other non-toxic products on the market. Average cost per bottle is $4 for kits and $3 for refill pods.

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What are Jaws cleaners?

JAWS cleaning products have been around for quite a while and have been an original innovator in eco-friendly cleaning products and zero waste management. Jaws (short for Just Add Water Systems) believes in “not shipping water” and sells their products in small pods that you place into their patented spray bottles and add water. The spray bottles are designed to be used over and over again and have the potential to reduce plastic in landfills drastically.

How does Jaws work?

JAWS sells different kinds of starter kits that you can purchase which come with plastic bottles and pods. After you purchase the initial bottles and pods, then you can continue to just purchase the pods when you run out of cleaner. In all, there are 8 JAWS non-toxic cleaners. These include Kitchen, Glass, Hardwood, Shower, Disinfectant, Granite, Bathroom and Multipurpose. They also sell microfiber clothes and scouring pads. A product they do now sell in refillable pods is their Cream Cleanser, which is still eco-friendly and mildly abrasive for tough stains.

What are the benefits of using products like JAWS cleaning products?

JAWS cleaning products are safe for your family and the environment. They are made from biodegradable ingredients approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program which evaluates and determines certain ingredients to be safer than traditional chemical ingredients. These products are safe to use around children and pets.

The reduction in plastic is a big benefit from using JAWS products. JAWS eliminates millions of additional plastic bottles in our landfills and waterways. Single-use plastic accounts for almost 40% of our landfills. JAWS bottles are recyclable.

And just shipping the small pods also helps reduce your carbon footprint in shipping, fuel use and packaging.

bissell crosswave vacuuming up mess on floor
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Reviews of Jaws cleaning products

So I tried out JAWS’ Ultimate Cleaning Kit, plus a separate order for their Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Foaming Bathroom Cleaner (not sure why these aren’t included in the kit). The Ultimate kit includes:

  • Six empty reusable bottles
  • Six trigger sprayers
  • Two refill pods each of our cleaning products: JAWS Glass Cleaner, Daily Shower Cleaner, Kitchen Degreaser,  Floor Cleaner, Granite & Natural Stone Cleaner, and JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner.
  • Seven 16″ x 16″ color-coded micro-fiber cloths for cleaning, scrubbing or polishing.
  • Instruction manual
JAWS Ultimate Cleaning Kit with 7 cleaner bottles, microfiber cloth and scrubber sponge
JAWS Ultimate Cleaning Kit (also pictured is Cream Cleanser and sponge which will be reviewed at a later date)
jaws refill pods on plate in a variety of colors
Jaws refill pods that are color-coordinated with the bottles
information packet in jaws cleaning products
Instruction manual

Overall I was very impressed with all of the JAWS cleaners. They work much better than some other non-toxic cleaners I have tried and they smell very good. This review includes the Kitchen, Shower, Disinfectant, and Glass. I will add the Multipurpose, Hardwood and Bathroom cleaners soon.

Kitchen cleaner

JAWS kitchen cleaner bottle orange
JAWS kitchen cleaner

The Kitchen Cleaner had no problem cutting through the grease on the stove and making the microwave shine. What I like is that you can use it for your appliances without having to switch to a stainless steel cleaner. It transitioned from the glass to stainless steel seamlessly making them really shine like I haven’t seen in a while.

glass stove top before
Glass stove top before
stovetop after cleaning
Glass stove top after (note, to get the really burt on stuff off, use a stovetop razor blade)
microwave before cleaning with jaws cleaner
Microwave before
Microwave after
Microwave after

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Shower cleaner

jaws shower cleaner bottle purple on tile shelf in shower

I was very happy with the shower cleaner. My shower tends to grow mold and mildew quickly and the glass doors accumulate a lot of soap scum. The JAWS Shower Cleaner cut through the soap scum without having to scrub hard. And I was very impressed that it got rid of the mold and mildew stains on the tile and grout without having bleach in it. It also made the fixtures shine! Word of caution, the spray scent is very strong. It is the only one I have noticed like that. It almost smells like grape Kool-Aid. But if you have an aversion to strong scents, this might not be for you.

shower door before cleaning with lots of soap scum
Shower door before cleaning
Shower door after cleaning
Shower door after cleaning
Shower floor tile before cleaning with lots of mold and mildew
Shower floor tile before cleaning
shower tile floor after cleaning with no mold or mildew
Shower tile floor after cleaning
shower tile shelves before with mold and mildew and old blue soap
Shower tile shelves before
shower tile shelves after cleaning all clean and shiny
Shower tile shelves after cleaning
shower fixture before cleaning looking dull
Shower fixture before cleaning
shower fixture after cleaning looking very shiny
Shower fixture after cleaning

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JAWS Disinfectant Spray

jaws disenfectant spray bottle yellow on toilet
Jaws Disinfectant Spray

I used the JAWS Disinfectant Spray on the toilet. It gets quite gunked up with the type of water we have. Yikes! It did pretty well.

dirty toilet Toilet before cleaning with Jaws Disinfectant Spray
Toilet before cleaning with Jaws Disinfectant Spray
clean toilet
After cleaning

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Jaws Glass Cleaner

Jaws glass cleaner on glass table
Jaws glass cleaner

I was actually quite impressed with Jaws Glass Cleaner. I have a round glass coffee table that gets a lot of spills and cup rings. I sprayed the glass thoroughly and wiped it with some cheap paper towels to see how effective it was. It came out pristine with no streaks!

glass coffee table with smudges
It’s hard to see but there are smudges and fingerprints all over the glass
clean glass coffee table no smudges

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Are the bottles good quality?

Yes, the bottles the Jaws products come in are very sturdy. They are labeled very prominently so it is easy to read and it also has instructions on it. And you can see the colored solution in them so you can tell which cleaner is which. The sprayer seems to be made well. It has 3 different settings, On, Spray and Stream, which I like. The Blueland bottles do not have this and only spray in a mist. The spray handle also gets stuck on the Blueland bottles which gets extremely frustrating. These seem to work well, so far so good!

Pros and cons of Jaws cleaning products


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy bottles
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Nice scent
  • Reduced carbon footprint and zero water


  • Can’t save money using your own bottles and just the pods because of the dispensary method.
  • The shower scent may be to strong for people with an aversion to fragrance


I really like Jaws Cleaning Products. They are some of the best ecofriendly and xero-waste products I have tried.