HoldOn bags in box for review

By The Cleaning Lady

I was fortunate enough to try out the HoldOn line of garbage and storage bags before the company launch. HoldOn bags are an all-new line of trash, kitchen, and storage bags made from compostable, plant-based and nontoxic materials that are heavy-duty and eco-friendly. They are a welcome alternative to regular plastic bags that won’t break down in land fills for thousands of years.

What are HoldOn bags made of?

HoldOn bags (some write Hold On bags) are made from plant-based, non-toxic, completely compostable materials that are durable and strong like plastic but decompose in weeks, not centuries.

  • PBAT-Polybutylene adipate terephthalate, known as PBAT breaks down quickly without emitting methane gas or toxic residue. Additionally, PBAT uses less crude oil and fossil fuel than traditional plastics during production.
  • PLA-Polylactic acid, also known as PLA, is a plant-based material is made from the sugars in corn starch, cassava or sugarcane. PLA requires 65% less energy than traditional plastics in production and emits 68% less greenhouse gases as it decomposes.
  • Cornstarch-Cornstarch is a common household substance that bonds the elements in our material to produce a flexible, durable final product. This organic material breaks down quickly, without emitting toxic gases.
  • Responsible Packaging-HoldOn bags use all responsibly-sourced, FSC certified boxes to package our products and don’t use unnecessary paper packaging – and never plastic.

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What’s the big deal about plastic?

Unfortunately, plastic waste has become a huge problem for us and the environment. Plastic also requires large amounts of fossil fuels to create in production. Plastic breaks down very slowly, maybe taking 500 to 1000 years. During decomposition, plastic emits harmful toxic gasses which contribute to climate change. When plastic breaks down, it dissolves into microplastics – small shards of plastic – that are ingested by animals and harm wildlife and us. A third of the world’s fish contain microplastics, which travels up the food chain to other animals and even humans. It is estimated that we are eating a credit card’s worth of plastic each week! Yikes!

HoldOn Products

HoldOn bags sell four different products. You can bundle these into sets for a better price. For an even less expensive alternative, you can subscribe to the website and get 15% off. Their prices are comparable to other bags on the market.

CLICK the link below to be taken to the HoldOn Products Page and get a FREE box of sandwich bags with discount code CLEANINGLADY!

HoldOn Bags Household Staple Set

Use the discount code CLEANINGLADY to get a FREE pack of sandwich bags with the purchase of the Household Staples Kit. That’s a $15 value!

Do they work?

The short answer is yes and no.

I was very impressed with the bags that I tried. The trash bags are very sturdy. They are stronger than any other biodegradable bags I’ve tried and could give Glad and other name brands a run for their money. The tie strap is heavy duty. And I don’t feel guilty for throwing them in the bin as they will decompose in weeks in a landfill.

The sandwich bags and freezer bags are also strong and the ziplock is sufficient to hold them closed.

I especially like the smaller waste bags for small trash. I have put one in my compost container on the counter and can just tie the bag up and throw it in the compost when full. I’ll let you know how long they actually take to decompose.

I love the color and the writing on the bags as well. Who said you can’t make a statement with your garbage bags!

What is wrong with them?

While these bags are strong and good for your home and the environment, they are slow to compost in backyard compost bin. Backyard compost do not get as hot as municipal landfills which generate a great amount of heat to degrade the materials. Below is a picture of the bags after six months in my compost:

HoldOn bags in my compost bin biodegraded partially with green fragments still visible

The blue material are the bags. So they do biodegrade, but more slowly. Now I still recommend them and really feel better about myself and my contribution to saving the planet using them, especially the ones I throw in the trash that end up in the landfill. Overall it is much less plastic that is reaching out landfills, oceans and rivers.

How to use HoldOn bags

Simply replace your ordinary bags with HoldOn bags!

Trash: Open bag and line empty trash bin with bag. Toss your trash in the bag. Once full, tie the top and lift out of bin. Dispose of as usual. Bag will break down when exposed to heat, pressure, and air in a matter of weeks.

HoldOn large garbage bag with tie strap
Large Garbage Bags with Tie Strap
HoldOn small sandwich bag
Small garbage bag

Sandwich and gallon: Food-safe and nontoxic HoldOn bags are perfect to replace household plastic
bags. Use in food preparation and food storage. Tote snacks on the go, and keep toiletries tidy while traveling by tossing them in a HoldOn bag before packing.

HoldOn small and large sandwich bags
Small and large sandwich bags

To discard, simply throw away as normal or compost at home by removing non-food material and
placing in your home compost bin. Bag will break down when exposed to heat, pressure, and air in a matter of weeks.

Difference Between Compostable vs. Biodegradable Bags

HoldOn bags are 100% home compostable – but that doesn’t mean you need to compost to use them. They use materials that are TUV-certified to the highest standards of compostability – meaning that they break down in weeks, not years, after you toss ‘em. HoldOn bags are BPI and TUV Austria certified.

“TUV Austria is the most intensive certifying body for compostable goods. HoldOn bags are TUV Certified home compostable. This means they have passed the most stringent tests for at home composting and have been proven to break down effectively in a home compost in a timely manner.”

BPI Certification signals that our products can be effectively composted in a commercial composting facility. This rigorous testing ensures that HoldOn bags biodegrade without leaving behind synthetic residue.

In a nutshell, HoldOn bags have been rigorously tested and can be composted right in your backyard or an industrial facility.” –HoldOnBags.com

For non-composters, simply use HoldOn bags like normal. Fill HoldOn trash bags with your garbage, then tie and toss! Once they end in a landfill and are exposed to heat, air, and pressure, they’ll decompose without emitting toxic gases – and won’t stick around for centuries like plastic bags.

For sandwich and storage bags, use – and toss – as normal bags.

How to compost your bags

Fill your HoldOn bags with compostable material only – food scraps, newspaper, cardboard, etc. – and toss into your compost pile or bin. Treat as normal compost waste, and in a few weeks the bag will break down.

HoldOn bags make throwing away bags guilt-free and eco-friendly. These are the bags that I, and the planet, have been waiting for. For more information visit HoldOnbags.com.

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