Dawn dish spray review

Is it worth the money?

I had seen the ads for the new Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray but didn’t pay them much attention, until our dishwasher broke and I had the dreaded task of washing about 5000 dishes by hand. Mind you, I really don’t mind washing dishes by hand. I think it puts you in a Zen-like state, but after about dish number 2500, my Zen checked out and I was running low on dish soap.

dirty dishes in sink

So I ran to the store. After staring at the aisle of dish soaps pondering whether my sink was half full or half empty (guess the Zen didn’t check out after all), I settled upon the new product.

With the promises of “Spray, wipe, rinse” and “5x Faster Grease Cleaning,” I was all in. My sink would be all empty in no time! So I ran home with Dawn’s new spray soap and here’s what I found:

What is Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray?

And how is it different than the traditional Dawn Dish Soap? Regular Dawn is in a squirt bottle and comes out as a gel. This new Dawn sprays a foam mist on dishes using a spray head that you fit onto the bottle. It sprays a continuous mist that coats your dishes. This is not regular Dawn where you fill up the sink and put a squirt in and it gets all sudsy. This is a different formula and I noticed when I tried to use it in water, it did not suds up like regular Dawn.

That’s not to say there were no suds, but just less. But spraying it on the dirty dishes worked fine. It still cuts through grease pretty well. Just spray, wipe and rinse. Although for the most baked-on dishes, I would still soak them.

Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray spraying dishes

Is Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray worth the money?

So after successfully washing the rest of my dishes with the Dawn spray, I saw that I had only used a quarter of a 16 oz. bottle. Normally, with that many dishes, I would have used almost all of a 16 oz. regular bottle of Dawn Dish Soap (Amazon, 3 bottles + 2 sponges, $15.22). I have found that I have no discipline over how much dish soap I use, even if it’s concentrated. This really helps with that as the spray head sprays a controlled amount, which is a pretty generous amount, onto the dishes.

It’s a little more expensive. I bought the Dawn Dish Spray Value Pack for $10.99, but it comes with two 16 oz. dish soap bottle and a spray head, which I won’t have to buy again.

Other uses for Dawn Powerwash Spray

What’s great about this spray is that you can clean everything you normally would with regular Dawn but because it is a spray, it is more versatile. Some other uses include:

  • Spraying down countertops
  • Cleaning greasy stove and oven
  • Pretreat laundry, especially grease stains
  • Quick dog wash
  • Wash car
  • Clean grease spills on floor
  • Degreasing your ceiling fan

Actually the greatest feature I found was after I finished washing the dishes I just spayed the countertops and wiped them down. I like not having to juggle several spray bottles at the same time. And if you’re in a rush, it can help you speed clean your house.

So, in conclusion, I really like the Dawn Dish Spray. So it doesn’t sud as well, it is a little more versatile than the regular Dawn dish soap.

How to make DIY Dawn Powerwash Spray

Now, as you have already gathered, the Powerwash Spray is a bit more expensive than regular Dawn. Luckily many homemakers have figured out a trick to make it out of regular Dawn. Check out the video below:

Where can you buy Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray?

Luckily Dawn Powerwash Spray is available at most grocery stores in the dish soap aisle. It is also available on Amazon.

dawn powerwash spray

Dawn Powerwash Starter Kits, Fresh Scent Bundle, Spray Bottle, 2 Refills

Natural alternatives to Dawn Soap

While Dawn bills itself as gentle enough to be used on animals (hence the baby duck on the label), it is not entirely without chemicals and dyes. If you would like a purely natural dish soap, check out Dr. Bronner’s, which you can actually clean your whole house with.

Also Blueland Cleaning products makes a natural dish soap as well and is committed to 100% sustainable packaging.

Dawn powerwash spray review
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