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Dawn EZ Squeeze Dish Soap is a great additional to the Dawn family of products. It is the same Dawn but in a different bottle. The cap is truly “no drip” and because the bottle is already upside down, the soap does not get all over the bottle like traditional Dawn products so there is little risk of slipping out of your hands. It is also great for people with mobility issues such as hand and wrist injuries or arthritis because you do not have to flip the bottle over to use it. Highly recommended!


Dawn has a cool new product on the shelves and it’s everything we’ve wanted. Always on the cutting edge, Dawn has created a new bottle design that defies the laws of physics. I tried Dawn EZ Squeeze Dish Soap when it first came out and now I’m hooked!

What is Dawn EZ Squeeze Dish Soap

Dawn EZ Squeeze is a new product in the Dawn lineup that was introduced in January of 2022. After 5 years of product research, testing and consumer input, they designed a bottle that dispenses soap from the bottom with an easy squeeze. It’s actually one of P&G’s (the company that owns Dawn) most researched and tested soap products in the history of the company.

Does Dawn EZ Squeeze work?

The contents of the bottle is the same ole Dawn liquid dish soap we know and love. The major difference is the bottle design and it is brilliant. It’s much easier to grab and use than the regular bottles that can get slippery with wet hands. No more dropping the soap in a sink full of dishes. This bottle design is easier to use for people with disabilities and mobility issues. It is easy to squeeze the bottle and get the dish soap out. No more flipping the bottle and shaking it to get the soap out. Dawn EZ Squeeze is always ready to go.

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How does the Dawn EZ Squeeze bottle work?

Dawn actually has multiple patents on it’s bottle and no flip, no-drip cap. The cap is round with no flip-up stopper like the regular bottles of Dawn. It also serves as the base of the product. In the center of the cap is a dispensing valve which works by opening through a squeezing motion. When you stop squeezing the bottle, any soap still in the nozzle is sucked back in, making it truly dripless technology with no waste. The bottle is designed to be used with only one hand, making it a more hassle-free product.

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Does the Dawn EZ Squeeze Bottle drip?

No, as I said above, the patented technology allows the bottle to always be inverted and not drip.

Can you refill the Dawn EZ Squeeze bottle

Yes, and Dawn even encourages it. The bottle cap screws off for easy refilling. See Dawn’s instructions here.

What different products are in the Dawn EZ Squeeze line?

Dawn has a few products in there EZ Squeeze line. They include:

  • Dawn EZ Squeeze Platinum Dish Soap, Amazon, $13.32 (includes 3 EZ Squeeze bottles plus 2 sponges)
  • Dawn EZ Squeeze Regular Dish Soap, Amazon $18.51 (includes 3 EZ Squeeze bottles plus 2 sponges)
  • Dawn Gentle Clean EZ-Squeeze Dish Soap, Pomegranate Rose Water, Walmart, $4.94 (single EZ Squeeze bottle)


Dawn EZ Squeeze is a great new product that will make washing dishes easier. Dawn has been hitting it out of the park with innovative new products including Dawn Platinum Foam Spray which is great for cleaning more than dishes.

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