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By The Cleaning Lady

These gadgets make cleaning fast and easy

Cleaning is hard. It can be physically demanding and time consuming. And not a lot of fun. That’s why people hire me. But if you can’t afford a cleaning service, what is one to do? I will tell you. Take advantage of the glory of technology that tries to make our lives easier. There are some pretty nifty cleaning tools on the market right now that are relatively inexpensive and will make your house cleaning so much faster, easier, and dare I say, fun? Some are high-tech, some are simple. But all of them are pretty cool! Combine these gadgets with my Bare Minimum Cleaning Schedule and your house can practically clean itself. These gadgets are also great for seniors to help them clean.

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Can’t Afford to Hire a Cleaning Service?

Download the Ultimate Deep Cleaning Schedule! Step-by-step directions to help you clean like a pro, all for $4. Now with a FREE printable calendar to help you schedule your cleaning tasks.

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