Disclaimer: This article is based on research and customer reviews. Once I have sampled the product, I will write up a full review.

I stumbled upon Blueland Cleaning Products when I was researching eco-friendly alternatives to toxic cleaning products. It seems Blueland burst onto the scene when they appeared on the popular product investor show “Shark Tank” and have been catching momentum ever since.

Their premise seems simple, eco-friendly and affordable. For $39 you get the starter kit, The Clean Essentials. It includes 4 “forever” bottles (which I might add are pretty stylish), 3 cleaning tablets (multi surface, glass + mirror and bathroom) and 1 foaming hand soap tablet.

Then you fill each bottle with water, drop in the appropriate tablet and let it dissolve, This gives you three, 20 ounce bottles of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and one, 9 ounce soap dispenser. All the ingredients of the tablets are natural or naturally derived, pet-safe, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free. You can visit The Clean Essentials product page for a complete list of ingredients.

And their Refill Packs are surprisingly inexpensive. At $2 or less a piece, it’s cheaper than most cleaning products you can buy at the grocery store, especially the expensive all-natural ones.

All the reviews I’ve seen say Blueland Cleaning Products clean well and smell good, and not in an overpowering way. One lady did say the tablets took 40 minutes to dissolve in water, so keep that in mind before you clean.

I was a little weary of their “forever” bottles. I mean, I don’t consider anything with moving parts “forever” and life happens. I drop my cleaning bottles all the time. Turns out, people were having problems with them cracking, but Blueland sent them replacements for free. By now, they may have beefed them up a bit. And it seems their customer service is on point.

Since I’m moving more toward eco-friendly products and trying to get my clients to do the same, I’m anxious to try Blueland Cleaning Products. Hopefully it is where the future is headed.

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