bottle of lysol power bathroom cleaner

By The Cleaning Lady

I’m really glad I did some research before I posted this, because I thought I was crazy.  I was cleaning a client’s house the other day and she broke out a new cleaning product she wanted me to try that she hadn’t yet. The Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaning Spray. Okay, no problem, I’ve used it before.

So I went about my routine and noticed a fowl smell. I couldn’t place it but it really bothering me.  I even sniffed myself to make sure it wasn’t me.  Blaming it on the dog, I continued cleaning. Then, as I sprayed the toilet, and it all came back to me.  A previous client had it in their bathroom arsenal and I smelled the same odor.

As they had well water, I thought it was that.  And another client had the same product and I smelled it again.  I wrote it off as somebody leaving a sandwich under the bed. This particular client did that.  Now that I was certain it was the Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaning Spray, I decided to investigate.

Turns out, thankfully, other people feel the same way.  A quick look at some Amazon reviews confirmed my suspicion.  Several people commented on the smell.  This lady likened the smell to a teenager who hadn’t bathed in weeks exploding in the shower.  The “Island Breeze” scent is a complete joke, unless the island is full of rotten eggs.

So besides the smell, is it a good product?  Not really.  First of all it contains some chemicals that are known to cause cancer.  Not only is this bad for you, it’s bad for everyone else.  This spray is meant to be used in the bathroom, which means as you are cleaning your shower and toilet, these chemicals are going down the drain and ending up in our oceans and water supplies.

 If you want to go the natural route, Seventh Generation has some great products. I like Seventh Generation Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner (Amazon, $3.79 The Lemongrass and Citrus smells great.  Or Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Pure-Castile Soap is a great cleaner and of the eight fragrances, one is sure to eliminate that Lysol smell.  Also check out the future of ecofriendly cleaning products, Blueland.

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