I love Magic Erasers!  To me, they truly are magic  If you haven’t tried them yet you don’t know what your missing.  If you have these in your cleaning arsenal, you can almost throw out the rest of your cleaning supplies.  Just wet it and go.  

Here are 5 things Magic Erasers can clean like magic:

  • Cleaning soap scum-These are the best thing I’ve ever used for cleaning soap scum from tubs and shower doors.  A lot of products will advertise this, but they still leave a film.  These magic squares make shower doors look like new.
  • Cleaning cabinets-Fingerprint smudges and marks will disappear from your cabinets.
  • Clean scuffs off walls-Markers, crayon marks, and scuffs are no match for the magic of this eraser.
  • Countertops-Many stains can be removed from countertops with the Magic Eraser.
  • Sneakers, furniture, hand bags-You can even freshen up your wardrobe and furniture with these. Great for getting grass stains off sneakers, scuffs from hand bags and marks off furniture, especially white furniture.

And a little hint: Cut them in half or smaller pieces to make them last.  You can find all different kinds of Magic Erasers on Amazon. I like the Extra Durable Magic Erasers.