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5 Things Magic Erasers Clean The Best! - The Cleaning Lady

Check out these five things you never thought you could clean with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!

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By The Cleaning Lady

I love Magic Erasers (Amazon, 10 count, $11.99) To me, they truly are magic  If you haven’t tried them yet you don’t know what your missing.  If you have these in your cleaning arsenal, you can almost throw out the rest of your cleaning supplies.  Just wet it and go.  

What’s a Magic Eraser made of?

Magic Erasers are a type of foam called melamine cut into little rectangles. The magic of this melamine sponge is that it is so dense that it acts as a super-fine sandpaper that doesn’t scratch your surfaces but cuts through and picks up all kinds of grime.

This goes for Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers, Flash Magic Erasers in the UK and all the generic ones that have your grocery store name on it. They are all made out of the same material. And Magic Erasers are pretty eco-friendly.

Mr. Clean senior scientist Morgan Brashear says, “What many people might not realize is that there are no other added chemicals in the Magic Eraser Original, Magic Eraser Extra Durable, or the Magic Eraser Sheets.” (Martha Stewart, “How Do Magic Erasers Work?”)

two magic erasers on a table

How to use your Magic Eraser

Just take a sponge out of the package and wet it under the faucet. Squeeze as much water out as you can and scrub the surface you want to clean. The sponge will start getting discolored from the dirt you pick up on the surface. After it is pretty discolored or starting to fall apart, get a new one. Pro Tip: Tear the sponges in half for smaller jobs to conserve them.

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Here are 5 things Magic Erasers can clean like magic:

  • Cleaning soap scum – These are the best thing I’ve ever used for cleaning soap scum from tubs and shower doors.  A lot of products will advertise this, but they still leave a film.  These magic squares make shower doors look like new.
  • Cleaning cabinets – Fingerprint smudges and marks will disappear from your cabinets.
  • Clean scuffs off walls – Markers, crayon marks, and scuffs are no match for the magic of this eraser.
  • Countertops – Many stains can be removed from countertops with the Magic Eraser.
  • Sneakers, furniture, hand bags-You can even freshen up your wardrobe and furniture with these. Great for getting grass stains off sneakers, scuffs from hand bags and marks off furniture, especially white furniture.
  • Make dingy ceiling fans white again.
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How to make your own Magic Erasers

While Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers are certainly not expensive, they can get a little pricey. Mr. Clean would like you to think that these magic sponges have some mysterious properties only Mr. Clean knows about, but in reality, you can buy the same material for under 10 cents a sponge.

These are just a few of the things Magic Erasers can clean like a pro. See more things Magic Erasers can clean here. Use the Extra Durable Magic Erasers for tough jobs. If you have these magic tools in your cleaning arsenal, you can make most jobs a cleaning breeze.

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