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bedshelfie shelf that clamps to your bed space saver

10 Amazingly Handy Products You Need for Your Home

Cleaning Product ReviewsAccording to Good Housekeeping Magazine The product experts at Good Housekeeping Magazine are always busy at work finding the best products that will save you time and money. They review thousands of products and only choose the best for their “500+ Club.” Their picks from Amazon must have at least 500 reviews and…

marley's monsters unpaper towels

The Ultimate Guide To Reusable Paper Towels

Cleaning Product ReviewsReusable paper towels are gaining in popularity and I’ll tell you what they are, how to use them and the best ones to buy in this ultimate guide. What are reusable paper towls? Reusable paper towels are clothes you can wash and use over again. They are made to replace the your roll…

mop bucket cleaning system

4 Cleaning Gadgets That Will Clean For You

Cleaning Product ReviewsThese gadgets make cleaning fast and easy Cleaning is hard. It can be physically demanding and time consuming. And not a lot of fun. That’s why people hire me. But if you can’t afford a cleaning service, what is one to do? I will tell you. Take advantage of the glory of technology…

Cover of Marie Kondo's book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Review of Marie Kondo’s Declutter Methods

Cleaning Product ReviewsMagic of Tidying Up or Zen for Fools? When I first heard of the “Tidying Up” craze sweeping the globe, I rolled my eyes and didn’t give it another thought. But then, a few weeks ago, I walked into a client’s house and she was sitting in front of a mountain of clothes…

Dawn dish spray review

Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray Review

Cleaning Product ReviewsIs it worth the money? I had seen the ads for the new Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray but didn’t pay them much attention, until our dishwasher broke and I had the dreaded task of washing about 5000 dishes by hand. Mind you, I really don’t mind washing dishes by hand. I think it…

four bottles of blueland cleaning products on table

Blueland Cleaning Products Review

Cleaning Product ReviewsI stumbled upon Blueland Cleaning Products (, $39 for Starter Kit) when I was researching eco-friendly alternatives to toxic cleaning products. It seems Blueland burst onto the scene when they appeared on the popular product investor show “Shark Tank” and have been catching momentum ever since. What are Blueland Cleaning Products? Blueland has…

bottle of lysol power bathroom cleaner

Alternatives to toxic Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaning Spray

Cleaning Product ReviewsI’m really glad I did some research before I posted this, because I thought I was crazy.  I was cleaning a client’s house the other day and she broke out a new cleaning product she wanted me to try that she hadn’t yet. The Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaning Spray. Okay, no problem, I’ve…

two magic erasers on a table

5 Things Magic Erasers Clean The Best!

Cleaning Product ReviewsI love Magic Erasers (Amazon, 10 count, $11.99) To me, they truly are magic  If you haven’t tried them yet you don’t know what your missing.  If you have these in your cleaning arsenal, you can almost throw out the rest of your cleaning supplies.  Just wet it and go.   What’s a Magic…

woman cleaning floor with bissell crosswave

Bissell CrossWave Multi Surface Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Cleaning Product ReviewsIs it worth the money? A few weeks ago, my Artist client got me a new toy. It was the BISSELL® CrossWave® All-in-One Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuum (Amazon, $249.99). I won’t mention the fact that she sprang this new toy on me right as I was grabbing her old mop to do the…

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