Day in the life of a cleaning lady

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! I got a day of relaxation while Mr. Cleaning Lady grilled the obligatory hot dogs and hamburgers. Of course, I had to do the dishes, even though he offered, because inevitably I’ll have to rewash them anyway. Better to pick your battles. There must be some unwritten law that men are unable to do dishes and another that no one can do them better than women. Except for chefs. I cleaned for a chef and he had the cleanest kitchen I had ever seen. Kudos!

Sometimes I get questions on what I do on my days off. Do I sit around in my little red dress eating bonbons while I watch the dollars roll in from this blog? Of course I do! Just kidding. If I had a penny for everyone that read this blog, I would have more money than I do now. If someone could start randomly clicking on ads, that would be great. It doesn’t matter if you don’t need the things your buying. It’s for a good cause. Mine.

white new land rover SUV
I get 3/5 of a cent if you buy this car

And I pretty much do what every other working woman does on her days off. I clean. I don’t have a maid to do it for me. I am the maid. And if I did, I would probably be one of those people that cleans before she comes over. What’s up with that? If you’ve been following anything I’ve written, you know The Cleaning Lady has probably seen way worse. Unless you are the worst. There’s always that.

Unfortunately, housework is never done. There are thousands of cleaning Facebook groups with people asking how to keep up with everything, like there is some magical list that you can follow that will make the house clean forever. I’m here to tell you there is not. The only thing that is going to keep the house clean is you cleaning it, every chance you get. After work, before work, and even on your days off.

Sounds depressing, I know. But a good routine is your best friend. For example, while my coffee is brewing in the morning, I wash the dishes in the sink from the night before. Yes, I leave dishes in the sink overnight. “OMG!” the Karen’s of the world will say. Well, I’m sorry. After a good meal, the last thing I want to do is dishes. The night time is my quiet time. I put the food away and straighten up, but then it’s Netflix and Chill for this Cleaning Lady.

Netflix and chill meme two people lying on counch

It would be nice if, instead of all the cooking shows, they had cleaning shows. I know my trainwrecks would benefit and it would make my life easier. Of course, no one wants to watch the mind-numbingness of cleaning, let alone do it. That’s why they call me.

I keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom so when I have an extra few minutes, I can wipe out the sink or clean the toilet. I do a load of laundry every day. It’s easier to Netflix, Chill and fold a load in the evening than try to tackle Mt. Rushmore on your day off. Oh, did I say “day off?” I mean light cleaning day because even if you live alone, things just get mysteriously dirty.

And the floors, well, about those. I’ve told you on several occasions (here) my aversion to floors, so I certainly wouldn’t try eating off of mine. But I keep them clean enough and free of dust bunnies. I’ve found that if you keep a broom or Swiffer handy and just spot sweep during the week, that can do it until you can properly vacuum and mop.

So if you were hoping I would say I whisk off to the Caribbean on the weekends, sorry to disappoint. I’m just a regular person in a little red dress carrying a vacuum around, trying to make the world a cleaner place, one house at a time. Is your house next?