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By The Cleaning Lady

Hello there, cleaning beginners! We all know that a clean home is a happy home, right? But to achieve that sparkling clean look, you need the right tools. Just like you wouldn’t try to hammer a nail with a screwdriver, you can’t tackle dirt effectively without the proper cleaning equipment. Let’s dive into the must-have cleaning tools that will help your home shine from top to bottom. NOTE: This list includes the TOOLS you will need, not the cleaning solutions you will need, like sprays or powders. This will be in another list.

The Basic Cleaning Tools

  • Broom and dustpan – They’re like Batman and Robin in the world of cleaning—perfect for tackling daily dirt and small messes. Brooms are used to sweep hard floor surfaces like hardwood, tine and linoleum. Sweep dirt into a pile and then sweep into dustpan to discard. They usually come as a set and are relatively inexpensive.
  • Vacuum cleaner – Whether it’s carpets, hard floors, or even sofas, a good vacuum can be a real game-changer. And with different types available—upright, canister, handheld, robotic—there’s a vacuum to suit every home. Use the vacuum on carpet. If it has a hardwood feature, this can be used on hard surfaces listed above.
  • Microfiber cloths – These little marvels are perfect for dusting, polishing, and general cleaning tasks. They’re super absorbent and gentle, so they won’t scratch your surfaces. Best for cleaning windows and dusting if you do not have a duster. You can usually buy them in bulk.
microfiber clothes
  • Paper towels – Paper towels are handy for messes you need to wipe up quickly or for cleaning toilets if you do not want to use rags. While traditional paper towels use a lot of resources such as trees, you can buy recyclable paper towels now that are made from post-consumer waste.
  • Sponge and scouring pad – These versatile tools are your best friends for tackling kitchen and bathroom cleaning tasks. I like sponges with a scouring pad attached to the other side, an all-in-one feature.
  • Mop and bucket – Ok, the traditional mop and bucket is being replaced these days with Swiffer WetJets and other floor cleaning tools. But whatever you choose to use, you will need a tool to wash your floors.
  • Duster—It’s your secret weapon against those sneaky dust particles that settle on shelves, fans, and other surfaces. Whether your preference is an old-fashioned feather duster, a microfiber cloth or a dusting kit like the Swiffer duster with extendable handle, you’ll need to have a tool to dust shelves, ceiling fans and other flat surfaces that collect dust.
  • Magic erasers – If you’ve never tried a magic eraser, you need to do it right now! Kind of like a sponge, these things are truly magic for getting scuffs off walls and cabinets and soap scum off of tubs and showers.
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Specialized Cleaning Tools

For some tasks, you need tools that are a bit more specialized. These tools are specifically designed for the task at hand:

  • Toilet brush – Designed to make your toilet bowl sparkle, the toilet brush is the one tool specifically designed to one purpose, to clean your toilet. It is a brush with a long handle and a holder.
  • Scrub brush – Great for tackling stubborn dirt on surfaces like bathtubs, tiles, and outdoor furniture. Its tough bristles work into the nooks and crannies that other tools might miss.
  • Cleaning toothbrush – This isn’t essential, but you are going to run into tiny and hard-to-reach spots in your home that you need to clean that a regular scrub brush can’t get to. A small toothbrush is great for this. It can be an old toothbrush you don’t use anymore or they have brushes specialized for this.
house cleaning tooth brush
  • Window squeegee – While certainly not essential, a squeegee helps with streaking on glass.
  • Grout brushA grout brush is designed to fit into the lines of grout on your tile floor. PRO TIP: You can also use a toothbrush for this.

Other Cleaning Tools

  • Cleaning caddy – This is a holder for all your cleaning supplies. A caddy makes it easier to go from room to room with your supplies with you. It makes for faster and more efficient cleaning
house cleaning apron

Cleaning Tools Maintenance

Remember, your cleaning tools need some TLC too! Regular maintenance—like washing your mop heads and microfiber cloths, replacing your vacuum filters, and sanitizing your sponges—will keep your tools effective and prolong their life.


Cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite chore, but with these essential cleaning tools, it can certainly be a lot more efficient. Investing in good quality tools not only makes your cleaning tasks easier but also ensures your home is as clean as possible.

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