person wiping a counter with sponge

By The Cleaning Lady

Cleaning is not a skill you were born with, it’s something you learn. Did anyone teach you? No? That’s ok, don’t be embarrassed. You’ve come to the right place. Luckily my mother had me sweeping the floor in my onesie when I was 2 years old, crawling around on my tummy like a little Roomba all over the house for hours. “No, under the couch honey,” she would say. Just kidding, but she did teach me not only, how to clean and the value of a clean home. And I would like to pass that on to you. So get into your onesies and get crawling!

This guide will eventually cover the whole house, room by room as well as lessons on cleaning appliances, showers, tubs, different types of floors and everything in between.