Asian Americans Spring cleaning a living room

By The Cleaning Lady

Continuing our series on Spring cleaning, we’ll take a trip to the living room (see my deep / Spring cleaning bathroom checklist here). Thankfully one of the easier spots in the house to Spring clean, it still has those places you might not think of getting to.

How to deep clean / spring clean your living room: the basics

What products and tools do you need?

Having the right tools for the right job can set yourself up for success. Here is a list of tools and cleaning products you will need to successfully clean your living room:

cleaning products including microfiber cloths broom mop spray bottle furniture polish

Use this list to give your living room a thorough deep / spring cleaning

  • Declutter
  • Wash curtains
  • Wash throw blankets
  • Wash pillows
  • Dust ceiling fan with duster (see my step by step guide here)
  • Dust from top to bottom all walls and furniture with duster
  • Remove everything from shelves and dust or polish with furniture polish
  • Empty trash bin and clean
  • Clean TV with microfiber cloth
  • Wipe down or vacuum all furniture
  • Clean door knobs with all purpose cleaner
  • Clean light switches with magic eraser
  • Clean smudges off walls with magic eraser
  • Clean windows with glass cleaner
  • Clean window sills with all purpose spray and microfiber cloth
  • Clean baseboards with all purpose spray and microfiber cloth or magic eraser
  • Move all furniture and vacuum or sweep floors underneath
  • Mop floors with mop
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Don’t forget to clean these spots in the living room

1. Not just under the furniture, but underneath the furniture

When deep cleaning, we should always move all the furniture and sweep and mop (or vacuum) under it. But have you ever flipped your furniture over and looked underneath? This is where dust and cobwebs hide. Take your duster or a rag and wipe the underside and legs of couches, end tables and coffee tables.

Incidentally, I was trying to find pictures of an upside down end table and came across this. It was so adorable I had to share. You can see more DIY doggie beds here. You’re welcome. Now back to cleaning.

Small dog in pink bed made from upside down side table

2. Light bulbs, light fixtures and lamp shades

All of these get dusty too. Remove lampshades and wipe down with a microfiber cloth or vacuum attachment. Same with the light fixtures. Then gently wipe the dust off the bulbs with a microfiber cloth.

modern glass lamp on table

3. The back of the TV

While it seems like your flat screen couldn’t collect that much dust, the back of the TV has lots of ledges and curves where dust loves to collect. So when you’re dusting the front, sides and base, give the back a good once over. If you’re lucky enough to have a 75″ screen or it is mounted where you can’t reach it, I recommend Swiffer’s Heavy Duty Extendable Duster. It extends to about three feet for those hard to reach places.

4. Air Vents

Also called registers, these collect a lot of dust as well. They may be on the floor or ceiling or your living room. Also, don’t forget about the return grille, which is the large vent usually located by the furnace. This may or may not be in your living room but it’s worth mentioning as it collects the most dust out of all your vents. This is because while all your other vents blow air out, this one sucks the air in and recycles it through your HVAC system. Just give these vents a good dusting and be sure to change your HVAC filter regularly to cut down on further dust.

AC vent on ceiling
Air Vent
AC return grate on wall
Return Grille

5. Tops of door and window frames

As I’ve said here in the bathroom installment of our Spring cleaning posts, anything that sticks out from the wall is a ledge for dust to collect. Be sure to dust the tops of all the door frames and windows. The Swiffer Extendable Duster is a handy tool for this. And always remember, when Spring or anytime cleaning, dust from the top to the bottom of each room.

Need to deep clean the whole house?

Check out my deep cleaning checklist that helps you clean like a professionals. Download the PDF for easy tracking of all your cleaning progress.

Also, here are some more tools to help you clean faster and more efficiently.