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By The Cleaning Lady

Spring is almost upon on us and that means it’s time to create a plan of attack for deep cleaning the house. The bathroom is one of the parts of the house that needs the most Spring cleaning attention. If you still need to get motivated, I’ve made a list of tips here that will help you prepare for the dreaded day and will actually get you pumped and ready to go.

If this is your first time Spring cleaning or if you are the kind of person that needs to make a list for everything (I’m the same way, hence this “list”), then you’ll want to include these crucial parts of your bathroom in your deep clean checklist.

Light Fixtures

These bathroom features get very dusty and grimy throughout the year and it’s not enough to just wipe them for your Spring clean, but you should really take them down and soak them in water and liquid detergent. Be sure to turn off the lights first! And you may need to remove the bulbs. Be sure to wipe down the whole fixture as every part needs to shine.

silver light fixture above bathroom mirror

Shower Curtain Rod

It’s easy to overlook this on your Spring cleaning list, but it too gets dusty and if you have a lot of moisture in your bathroom it can get moldy too. If you have one that you can take down, give it a good wipe-down or soak it in the tub with some bleach while you clean another part of your bathroom.

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Shower and Faucet Heads

While the whole faucet and shower head needs to be wiped down, we are concerned here with the part where the water actually some out. These parts can develop mold and limescale and prevent water from coming out properly. First, wipe them down to get any loose grime off, (a toothbrush works well) then fill a plastic bag with vinegar and attach it to the shower head / faucet so the part is completely submerged. If your shower head screws off, you can fill a bowl of the solution and soak it for one to two hours. The limescale and mold will dissolve and leave your shower head clean and working like new. For more ways to clean your shower head, check out this Better Homes and Garden’s article.

shower head soaking in vinegar

Tops of Door Frames and Mirrors

Anything that sticks out off of the wall is a ledge for dust to settle. The tops of door frames and mirrors collect a surprising amount of dust. Take your duster and give them a good wipe. Be sure to do this before cleaning the counters or floors. Cleaning, and especially deep cleaning, should always go from top to bottom.

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