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By The Cleaning Lady


You can save money on cleaning supplies by making your own, eliminating certain supplies that you don’t need or shopping at discount stores like The Dollar Tree.

Cleaning supplies can be expensive, especially these days with inflation out of control and everyone on a budget. The cost of cleaning supplies has risen almost 10% year over year. In this post, I’ve outlined 6 ways to get the most out of your buck and avoid spending lots of money on cleaning products. Use these money saving tips for household cleaning supplies.

1. Use Store or Generic Brands

You don’t need name brand cleaning supplies like Clorox Disinfectant to clean your house. Many generic brands do the trick just fine. The off-brands or store brands are generally less expensive, the same ingredients as name brands and do just as well at cleaning your house.

2. Make your own cleaning products

Most of the time you don’t even need to buy household cleaners because you probably have all the ingredients to make your own in your house already. If you have white vinigar and baking soda, you can clean most of your house with no problem. And they are both natural, eco-friendly and very inexpensive. Or a product like Dr. Bronner’s can clean your whole house. Here’s a great list of recipes for 18 DIY cleaning products.

jars of vinigar and baking soda to make cleaning supplies

3. Ditch the paper towels and Windex

Paper towels are a waste of money. I save all my old wash clothes for rags and cut up old t-shirts. These work just fine for cleaning. Or you can use reusable paper towels like these. And you don’t need Windex to clean your windows or mirrors. Just make a solution of vinigar and water and that will work just fine.

4. Use Wash Clothes or Microfiber Cloths for your Swiffer

Swiffer pads are some of the most wasteful and expensive supplies you can buy. A standard washcloth fits on the Swiffer mop head perfectly. Just wet it and spray on your cleaning solution and mop. For dry dusting, microfiber clothes work great. The dust bunnies stick right to the cloth.

multicolor microfiber cloths

5. Stick to just one or two cleaning products for your whole house

No need to have a cleaning product for every surface of your house. You can get rid of the granite and the stainless steel cleaners and wood polishes. You can make those yourself. All you need is a good All-Purpose Cleaner that can clean multiple surfaces. Be sure to check the label before using.

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6. Shop at the Dollar Tree

Everything is a dollar at the Dollar Tree! Well, maybe $1.25. But they have a whole section of cleaning supplies for around a buck. And plenty of cleaning tools and products to clean everything in your house. This is the best and cheapest place to buy cleaning supplies to save money. And did you know that you can order supplies from the Dollar Tree online and have it delivered the same day through Instacart? Check it out HERE!

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