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By The Cleaning Lady


In the quest for a spotless home, the cost of professional cleaning services can sometimes feel overly expensive. However, there’s a clever trick that doesn’t involve shelling out a bunch of money: trading, swapping, or even bartering your way to a clean home. This strategy can help you unlock free or nearly free cleaning services, leveraging items or skills you already have. Read on for practical tips on how to tap into this win-win approach, ensuring your living space shines without denting your budget.

Steps to Getting Cleaning Services for Free (or Almost Free)

1. Understanding the Cost

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand what professional cleaning might cost. This information will be the cornerstone of your negotiation. Reach out to cleaning services for a rough estimate or take advantage of tools like the “House Cleaning Cost Calculator” on my website for a quick assessment. This step ensures you know the worth of what you’re aiming to get in exchange.

2. Identify What You Have to Trade

What do you have that could be of value to someone else? High-tech gadgets, designer clothes, or even specialized skills like web design, graphic creation, or therapeutic services are excellent examples. These are your bargaining chips to secure free cleaning services. The goal is to match the value of the cleaning service with the value of what you’re offering, creating a fair exchange.

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3. Post Your Trade Offer

With a clear idea of your offer’s value, the next step is to find a cleaning service provider willing to accept your trade. Utilize platforms with a dedicated barter section like Craigslist, or other sites that specialize in bartering. A well-crafted advertisement here can connect you with the right cleaning service.

4. Prioritize Clear Communication

After finding a willing participant, ensure both parties have a clear understanding of the trade’s terms. Discuss the specifics of what each party will provide, and maintain honesty about the condition of items or the scope of services to be offered. This clarity will help facilitate a smooth and mutually beneficial exchange.

5. Reap the Benefits of Your Exchange

By successfully trading or bartering, you’ll enjoy the benefits of professional cleaning services without the traditional cost. This approach not only saves you money but also supports the idea of a sharing economy, fostering a sense of community and mutual aid.


Leveraging the concept of trading, swapping, or bartering can transform how you access cleaning services, making it possible to maintain a clean home without financial stress. For additional insights on making the most out of this exchange, including preparing your home for cleaning services, stay tuned to my blog.

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