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By The Cleaning Lady


There may be times you need to clean your house really fast becuase you have company coming over or just want to have your house neat daily without all the heavy listing. Here are some tips and hacks to speed clean your house in 15 minutes. Your house will look clean and non will be the wiser!

How to speed clean your house

1. Grap a laundry basket and rag

You’re going to grab a laundry basket and throw everything in it that’s not in it’s place (except dishes). Go through the living room and kitchen. Get everything that doesn’t belong off the floor, counters and table tops and throw it in the basket. Don’t worry about putting things away. You can do that later. This is speed cleaning. While you are clearing counters and table tops, wipe them at the same time with the rag. Just throw the rag over your shoulder and wipe as you go. Once you’re done, hide the laundry basket in a closet or somewhere your guests will not go.

2. Hide the dishes

Go around the house and grab all the dishes and throw them in the dishwasher. Don’t worry about rinsing them or organizing them. You can do that later. If you don’t have a dishwasher, grab a box or another laundry basket and put them under the sink.

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3. Quick bathroom wipe down

Concentrate on the one bathroom you know your guests will use. Take the toilet brush and brush any stains out of the bowl. If you have cleaner with you, great. If not, just scrub with the brush. I like to keep cleaning supplies under the sink in the bathroom for a quick clean. Or you can grab your Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray which is versatile enough to clean multiple surfaces. Then take some toilet paper and wipe the rim. Then rinse out the sink and take your rag and wipe down the counter and mirror. If you have any Febreze or smell-good stuff, spray it around. What smells clean is clean.

4. Speed clean floors

The best way to make your house look clean is to have clean floors. You can run the vacuum all over the house, or you can use a Swiffer. I like the Swiffer with the Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Pet Dry Pads. Spot wipe with your rag as needed.

And there you have it. A house that looks clean in a jiffy. To really speed clean like a pro, grab your speed cleaning apron!

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