family guy breaks window blinds

By The Cleaning Lady

I’m not a big fan of window blinds. Most of my clients have them in their houses and I cringe every time I have to clean them. I keep trying to tell them (my) life would be so much easier without them but to no avail. I give them great alternatives to blinds but they hold onto them like they are the only things separating them from the outside world. So I’m going to tell you good folks why you should ditch your blinds and I will give you some great alternatives.

Why you should get rid of your blinds

1. They are probably making your allergies worse

Window blinds are a magnet for dust. Each slat is a surface that dust can settle on and it’s very hard to clean them probably. Sure they have those fancy blinds dusters, but you still have to stand there and get each slat individually, top and bottom. And dust and cobwebs also get caught up inside the brackets and the only way to dust that is to take the whole blind down. I doubt many of you are doing that once every few weeks.

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2. They never work properly

My client Midge refuses to get rid of her blinds, even though most of them don’t work. On half of them the string to raise them up is so impossibly tangled Houdini couldn’t get it undone. On some, the little wand thing that you turn to open and close them is broken off, so you have to run your hand up or down to open or close and hope all of them look pretty uniform. And of course there is the broken slat here and there. I’ve duct taped a few back together.

3. They hamper your ability to clean your house fast

Blinds are one of those items that take some time to properly clean. If you are a fan of cleaning your house fast, they are not for you. In the time it takes to clean one set of blinds, you can clean a few rooms. Check out more speed cleaning tips here.

family guy breaks window blinds

Safe and easy alternative window coverings

Washable Curtains

While curtains can sometimes also be a magnet for dust, if you hang washable curtains it is easy to take them down every few months and throw them in the washing machine. And the right curtain for your décor can really make the room pop. Avoid the curtains or drapes that say dry clean only. Be sure to check the label. Here are some great examples.

Roller Shades

I know what you’re thinking. Those dingy yellow things we had as a kid? That we used to unroll all the way and let go to see how fast it would roll up? That we scared the dickens out of Mom with? Well, yes and no. Companies have modernized their roller shades and they have some really nice colors and patterns now. Roller shades are probably the most hypoallergenic window covering you can buy. Because of the flat surface, dust has nowhere to settle. Be sure to wipe off the roller on top though every few weeks. Shop Modern Roller Shades.

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Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are sort of a cross between traditional blinds and roller shades. Sometimes called honeycomb shades, they are made of soft paper or cloth-like material. Because they are made from one continuous piece of material, they are easily wiped down and the honeycomb pattern in the middle actually helps insulate the home. Find Cellular Shades at Express Blinds.

Explore more great ideas for alternatives to blinds here.

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