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Every job requires the right kind of tools. And cleaning your house is no different. Have you ever thought of using a cleaning apron, sometimes referred to as a maid apron? Probably not. Sure, you have sponges and cleaning products and paper towels on hand to do the job, but many people don’t go beyond that and are wasting valuable time doing a task most people hate. Luckily the house cleaning professionals have got that task down to a science and one thing most can agree on is that you need a professional cleaning apron.

What is a cleaning apron?

A cleaning apron is just like a tool belt. There are many different types but they all have big pockets, little pockets and loops you can carry cleaning products and tools. They do have some in the traditional apron style, that covers your whole front and loops over your neck, but I’ve found these not as functional as the tool belt style, which attaches around your waste. It’s really a personal choice which one you use.

One benefit of the full-body apron is that you can keep your clothes a lot cleaner and maybe bleach-stain free. I always recommend wearing old clothes to clean the house, especially if you are using bleach. It is inevitable you will get a spot or two on your clothes, no matter how careful you are. My work clothes could rival the best tie-dyer at a Grateful Dead concert for sure.

Once you have chosen an apron, find your most used cleaning supplies and pick pockets for them. Pro tip: use the same pocket for each cleaning supply and you’ll always grab the right one, which can shave some valuable time off your chores.

Heavy duty cleaning apron
Heavy duty professional cleaning apron from Amazon

Why should I use a cleaning apron / tool belt?

Two words: speed clean. You will be amazed at how much faster you can clean without having to go back and forth throughout the whole house. Just load yourself up with your supplies and away you go. No more running to the kitchen because you need the Clorox spray. Or juggling three different bottles so you don’t have any free hands to pick up that piece of trash on the ground.

Speaking of trash, attach a small trash bag to the apron and dump those little pieces of trash into it as you go. No more running to the trash can every time you encounter a piece of paper on the floor. And you can carry your phone with you so you’re not running from room to room trying to find it when it rings. And you can put some good cleaning music on!

Alternatives to a cleaning apron

Some people find a cleaning apron is too bulky and cumbersome to wear around. Never fear! A cleaning caddy will do the same thing for you. A cleaning caddy is usually a two sided plastic container with a handle. Load it up with your supplies and carry it from room to room. It has the benefit of letting you move more freely while you clean and can catch any drips from the cleaning bottles you may have in it, especially ones with bleach. You may also find that you can carry more supplies around with you, reducing your time cleaning even more.

You will need to find the right size caddy for you. You do not want one too big or it will be a burden to carry around. Too small and you are defeating the purpose.

If you want to really become a pro at speed cleaning, I recommend using both a caddy and an apron (read my tips on speed cleaning your house here) Just load up the caddy and bring it to a room. Then load up your apron with the tools you will need for that room. Do this for each room you clean and you’ll be Netflix and Chilling in no time.

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If you just don’t have time to clean your whole house, see my Bare Minimum Cleaning Schedule. If you really want to clean like a pro, download my Deep Cleaning PDF

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  1. Mary Reid says:

    Thank you for sharing! I wear an apron in the kitchen and would like to have one for cleaning. Your tips are very helpful! Your notes help me realized the cleaning bucket is a good fit for me for my tools and supplies