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Cleaning tools like aprons, tool belts and cleaning caddies can make cleaning faster and easier. I outline the best ones below.

Best Caddy:

Wearable cleaning caddy
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Every job requires the right kind of tools. And cleaning your house is no different. Have you ever thought of using a cleaning apron, sometimes referred to as a maid or housekeeping apron? Probably not. Sure, you have sponges and cleaning products and paper towels on hand to do the job, but shouldn’t you have something to put all your cleaning supplies in?

The answer is yes. You can use a professional cleaning apron to speed-clean your house. This is what professional housekeepers do and you can too.

What is a professional cleaning apron?

A cleaning apron is just like a tool belt. There are many different types but they all have big pockets, little pockets and loops you can carry cleaning products and tools. They do have some in the traditional apron style, that covers your whole front and loops over your neck, also called a bib apron, but I’ve found these not as functional as the tool belt style, which attaches around your waste.

It’s really a personal choice which one you use.

One benefit of the full-body bib apron is that you can keep your clothes a lot cleaner and maybe bleach-stain-free. I always recommend wearing old clothes to clean the house, especially if you are using bleach. It is inevitable you will get a spot or two on your clothes, no matter how careful you are. My work clothes could rival the best tie-dyer at a Grateful Dead concert for sure.

Once you have chosen an apron, find your most used cleaning supplies and pickpockets for them. PRO TIP: use the same pocket for each cleaning supply and you’ll always grab the right one, which can save you some valuable time doing your chores.

Heavy duty cleaning apron with pockets for cleaning supplies to speed clean your home or house
Heavy duty professional cleaning apron from Amazon

Why should I wear a cleaning apron / tool belt?

A cleaning apron can help you speed-clean your house. You will be amazed at how much faster you can clean without having to go back and forth throughout the whole house to find your cleaning supplies. Just load yourself up with your products and tools and away you go.

No more running to the kitchen because you need the Clorox spray. Or juggling three different bottles so you don’t have any free hands to pick up that piece of trash on the ground. Cleaning aprons are a must-have if you are doing Spring cleaning or deep cleaning.

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Best speed cleaning aprons and tool belts

SupplyMaid Waterproof Professional Speed Cleaning Apron

SupplyMaid Waterproof Professional Speed Cleaning Apron worn on housekeeper with cleaning supplies in apron

This professional cleaning apron is comfortable and affordable. It is waterproof and designed for women and men of all sizes. The adjustable strap fits any waist from a small 24″ to a plus size 52″. It has lots of pockets for all your cleaning tools and supplies and comes with special belt clips and rings to attach your cleaning tools. It’s used by thousands of professional housekeepers.

BUY ON AMAZON: SupplyMaid Waterproof Professional Speed Cleaning Apron, $21.97, Amazon

Nanxson Adjustable Women Bib Apron Multi Function Professional Work Apron with Tool Pockets

woman wearing grey Nanxson Adjustable Women Bib Apron Multi Function Professional Work Apron with Tool Pockets

This apron is very comfortable and functional. It has several large pockets and a great feature is the top strap crosses in the back and sits on the shoulders so your neck is not supporting the weight of the apron. Comes in several different colors.

BUY ON AMAZON: Nanxson Adjustable Bib Apron Multi Function Professional Work Apron with Tool Pockets, $19.98, Amazon

PRO TIP: Attach a small trash bag to the apron and dump those little pieces of trash into it as you go. No more running to the trash can every time you encounter a piece of paper on the floor. And you can carry your phone with you so you’re not running from room to room trying to find it when it rings. And you can put some good cleaning music on!

Cleaning caddy: an alternative to a cleaning apron

Some people find a cleaning apron is too bulky and cumbersome to wear around. Never fear! A professional cleaning caddy will do the same thing for you. A cleaning caddy is usually a two-sided plastic container with a handle. Load it up with your supplies and carry it from room to room.

It has the benefit of letting you move more freely while you clean and can catch any drips from the cleaning bottles you may have in it, especially ones with bleach. You may also find that you can carry more supplies around with you, reducing your time cleaning even more.

Best cleaning caddies

Libman Deluxe Maid Caddy

Libman Deluxe Maid Caddy on checkerboard tile floor with cleaning supplies in it

This is the caddy I use for my jobs, and I absolutely love it! It’s got lots of different-sized compartments and holds quite a few supplies and tools. It’s made of sturdy plastic. And it doesn’t have holes on the bottom for draining. You may think you want drainage holes in the bottom of your caddy. But I highly recommend against it.

Cleaning supplies can damage surfaces if dripped on surfaces they should not be used on. For example, if your Clorox Bathroom Cleaner drips out on a carpet, it is going to bleach and discolor the carpet. This is one of the few with compartments and no drain holes I have found, and it’s a great price!

BUY ON HOMEDEPO.COM: Libman Deluxe Maid Caddy, $10.69, Home Depot

FifthStart Wearable Cleaning Caddy with Handle Caddy Organizer for Cleaning Supplies with Shoulder and Waist Straps

FifthStart Wearable Cleaning Caddy with Handle Caddy Organizer for Cleaning Supplies with Shoulder and Waist Straps tan color on wood floor

If you want to go stylish and multifunctional this cleaning caddy is for you. It comes in different sizes and colors. It has shoulder and waist straps you can attach at the same time to create a pretty secure caddy you wear around. It’s made of sturdy, waterproof polyester fabric and has a two-year warranty.

This could act like a more functional cleaning tool belt or apron, but the larger sizes may get pretty cumbersome. But you always have the option of using it as a traditional cleaning caddy with the middle handle.

BUY ON AMAZON: FifthStart Wearable Cleaning Caddy with Handle Caddy Organizer for Cleaning Supplies with Shoulder and Waist Straps, $29.95, Amazon

PRO TIP: If you want to really become a pro at speed cleaning, I recommend using both a caddy and an apron (read my tips on speed cleaning your house here) Just load up the caddy and bring it to a room. Then load up your apron with the tools you will need for that room. Do this for each room you clean and you’ll be Netflix and Chilling in no time.

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