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House Cleaning Tips

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The Ultimate Deep Cleaning Checklist

House Cleaning TipsDeep cleaning can be a big job, but it can be well worth it in the end. Why deep clean your house? It makes your house look great and can improve your health by removing dust and improving your indoor air quality. How often should you deep clean your house How often you…

family cleaning the house together

How A Housework Contract Can Save Your Relationship

House Cleaning TipsAnd free Housework Contract download Do you feel like you’re drowning in daily chores and housework and your partner is skirting by with taking out the trash once a week. Is it affecting your relationship? Well, you’re not alone. A 2018 study done by Harvard Business School found that 25% of divorces are…

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6 House Cleaning Tips For Seniors To Avoid Injury

House Cleaning TipsI’ve had many elderly clients over the years, some with mobility issues (including balance and dizziness issues). For many of them, it is difficult to come to the realization that there are certain things they can’t (or shouldn’t) do around the house. Unfortunately, house cleaning is rife with risky tasks like bending over…

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How Bad Is Your Indoor Air Quality? And Simple Ways You Can Improve It

House Cleaning TipsThe indoor air quality in your house is very important for the health of you and your family. If it is poor, short and long term health problems can occur. I’ll tell you all about the air quality in your home, how to measure it and simple ways to improve it that won’t…

Cleaning a Ceiling Fan: An Illustrated Guide

Cleaning a Ceiling Fan: An Illustrated Guide

House Cleaning TipsCleaning your ceiling fan can be a pain, but it’s something you should do regularly. It not only keeps your home looking clean, but it keeps the air in your home healthy. Ceiling fan blades attract a lot of dust, dirt and grime. And when the fan is turned on, it’s flinging all…

cleaning service cleaning a house

Things You Need To Do Before Your Cleaning Service Comes

House Cleaning TipsSo you’ve made the call and hired a reputable cleaning service. They’ve given you an estimate and you’ve picked a date. Now you can sit back and relax, right? Not so fast. There are certain things you need to do in your home to prepare for your housekeeping to ensure you get the…

Why You Need a Cleaning Apron to Clean Like a Professional

Why You Need a Cleaning Apron to Clean Like a Professional

House Cleaning TipsEvery job requires the right kind of tools. And cleaning your house is no different. Have you ever thought of using a cleaning apron, sometimes referred to as a maid apron? Probably not. Sure, you have sponges and cleaning products and paper towels on hand to do the job, but many people don’t…

empty living room before move in

7 Steps to Deep Cleaning a New Home

House Cleaning TipsGuest post by Cherie Mclaughlin of Moving into a new home is exciting on many levels, as it marks a new chapter in your life. And while it provides a blank canvas for you to furnish and decorate as you please, it’s also important to take advantage of the empty space by…

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How To Use Function Before Fashion For A Clean House

House Cleaning TipsThe concept of “Function Before Fashion”, or vica versa, is usually confined to the world of runway models and fashion designers, but it can also help keep your house clean easily. What is concept of function before fashion? In the fashion world, the concept refers to choosing a garment of clothing for its…

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The Ultimate Bare Minimum House Cleaning Schedule

House Cleaning TipsJust 30 minutes a day will keep your house clean If you’re like me, you hate house cleaning. I know, it’s what I do for a living, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. Do people who sell insurance enjoy what they do? No offense to any insurance salesmen or women….

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10 Motivational Quotes To Help You Start Cleaning Now

House Cleaning TipsLet’s face it, the hardest part about doing anything is finding the motivation to start. This is especially true for cleaning your house. Whether you are procrastinating out of fear of failure, a lack of time, or just plain laziness, these motivational quotes for cleaning house will get you inspired and ready to…

wastebasket with crumpled paper around it

Why You Should Have Wastebaskets In Every Room Of Your House

House Cleaning TipsEspecially if you have children First I should make a note. While trying to figure out if wastebasket was one or two words (the consensus is one), I realized that people call their trash receptacles many different things depending on where in the world you live. Wastebasket, trash can, garbage can, rubbish bin?…

family guy breaks window blinds

Should You Ditch Your Blinds?

House Cleaning TipsI’m not a big fan of window blinds. Most of my clients have them in their houses and I cringe every time I have to clean them. I keep trying to tell them (my) life would be so much easier without them but to no avail. I give them great alternatives to blinds…

mother daughter cooking in the kitchen and teaching about basic first aid

A Guide to Basic First Aid for Kitchen Accidents

House Cleaning TipsAs an Amazon Affiliate, I earn a small percentage of purchases from links in this post at no cost to you. You may already know this, but the FTC makes me say it 🙂 Accidents happen in the home and one of the most common rooms for getting hurt is in the kitchen….

people gathering outside with masks on

Covid-19 Safety and Cleaning Checklist

House Cleaning TipsFor Small Gatherings Unfortunately, living safely with Covid-19 has become a way of life in 2021. Fortunately vaccine rates are rising but the Delta strain is also running rampant as well. The CDC has not changed their guidance much from last Christmas. They still recommend celebrating virtually or with your immediate family, or…

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How To Keep Your House Clean With ADHD

House Cleaning Tips If you’re reading this you may be struggling with keeping your house clean with ADHD. I understand. I’ve worked with many clients with ADHD and have devised a system to help keep their houses clean and relieve the stigma of being “unkept” or a “slob.” Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorders can be…

clean modern kitchen with white cabinets

How To Speed Clean Your House

House Cleaning TipsSo you’re lounging around on a Sunday morning and the phone rings. It’s your mother-in-law! And she’s coming over in 20 minutes! You look around and the house is a wreck. I’m going to give you a few quick steps to speed clean your house. To really speed clean like a pro, grab…

dirty toilet that needs cleaning

Toilet Cleaning 101

House Cleaning TipsThe Single’s Guide I’m not going to lie to you. Cleaning your poopy toilet sucks. There’s just no way around it. And if you were never taught how to clean a toilet, how are you going to learn? That is why I’m here. It didn’t used to be like that though. Long ago,…

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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Don’t Forget These 5 Living Room Spots

House Cleaning TipsContinuing our series on Spring cleaning, we’ll take a trip to the living room (read about the spots you’re missing in the bathroom here). Thankfully one of the easier spots in the house to Spring clean, it still has those places you might not think of getting to. Not just under the furniture,…

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Spring Cleaning Bathroom Checklist

House Cleaning TipsSpring is almost upon on us and that means it’s time to create a plan of attack for deep cleaning the house. The bathroom is one of the parts of the house that needs the most Spring cleaning attention. If you still need to get motivated, I’ve made a list of tips here…

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How to Barter for Cleaning Services

House Cleaning TipsLet’s face it, cleaning services can be expensive. Even though companies like Molly Maid and Maid Brigade have made cleaning services more accessible and affordable to a wider range of people, maids on average can charge anywhere from $20 to $40 an hour or a fixed price per house that can break the…

Five bottles of Dr. Bronner's certified organic cleaners

How To Clean Your House With Dr. Bronner’s Natural Castile Soap

House Cleaning TipsI’ve always used Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap in the shower. It’s 100% certified organic and smells great. It has no synthetic preservatives, no detergents or foaming agents. And not only does Dr. Bronner’s make it their mission to keep the planet clean, they are also making sure humanity is safe too by…

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