a family with two children moving

By Christopher Haymon of AdultingDigest.com

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging. Moving while running a business can be even more challenging, and you might be stressed out trying to navigate it all. You shouldn’t worry too much — with careful planning, some smart strategies, and consistent communication with customers, you can move without significant disruption to your business operations.

Changing States

When relocating your business, you’ll have a variety of important legal and financial considerations to make. If you own a corporation, you’ll need to file for an LLC in the new state to operate legally there and meet certain requirements. Look up the rules of the state you plan to move to so you can be prepared to file whatever is necessary. Consider using a formation service to avoid paying the fees often charged by lawyers.

Organizing The Move

Getting ready to move can involve a long planning process, so being sure that you’re ready to move is of the utmost importance. Create a visual timeline you can use to ensure you’re prepared for each step. Communication is a big part of this process since your employees and business partners must be abreast of what’s happening. You should keep existing customers informed in whatever way is most appropriate for your business type, whether by email, phone, or written communication.

Make sure to hire a moving company that has good reviews from reputable sources to avoid a mishap or a scam. It’s always a good idea to look into quality moving companies like Muval (based in Australia for our Aussie readers) that offer professional and localized services.

Moving Gradually

Staggering your move is a great strategy if you’re moving. While staggering can be a challenge for those with busy schedules, it’s certainly doable if you plan it carefully and are prepared to operate in the new state. You’ll need to think about replacing customers/clients if moving locations means you’ll lose them because of a storefront business setup. Your business assets will need to be transferred to the new state, and you’ll need to have a system in mind for setting up equipment, marketing materials, furniture, supplies, and anything else you need to be there when you arrive. Make sure to hire a moving company that has good reviews from reputable sources to avoid a mishap or a scam. You’ll likely need to have your new and old locations cleaned and organized, so schedule cleaning services as needed.

Updating Your Info

Changing your mailing address on pertinent documents, in online spaces, and in directories is very important if you don’t want your business to slope off or miss out on mail. It’s very important to change relevant details on your invoices, such as the business address and phone number (if changed). You can use a template to change your invoices and add your company logo. Various customizable templates are available on this invoice maker free online, so you can choose what colors, fonts, and layouts you like.

Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

While relocating your business sounds nerve-wracking on the surface, it can be a smooth transition if you’re organized. When moving, make sure you update your information, use a trustworthy moving company, and have all of the supplies you need for success. For useful tips on cleaning, organizing, and refreshing your business or home, check out Confessions of a Cleaning Lady.