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Are you moving to start a new chapter in your life? If you’ve always pictured yourself launching a home-based business one day, this could be the perfect excuse to take the leap in your professional life, especially if your previous home was too small to accommodate a workspace.

And when you close on a new home with a great home office space, you can apply the helpful tips from Confessions of a Cleaning Lady to make sure that your new property sparkles. Here’s how to tackle the process from start to finish, including choosing a new business name, finding the right house, and launching your company.

Choose a DBA Name

What if you already run a business under your own name, but you’ll be launching a new business with separate offerings after your move? If this is the case, you’ll need to register for a “Doing Business As” name, often simply known as a DBA name.

With a DBA name, you can branch out as an entrepreneur and sell other products or services under this new name. If you can’t secure your desired domain for your business, you can market your products under a DBA name. This grants you more flexibility as an entrepreneur.

Buying a Home

Before you start house hunting, think about the features you will need in your new home. In addition to a home office space, will you need additional storage room or space for a studio or workshop?

To find a home that suits your needs, HomeCity recommends considering whether you want an older home or new construction and carefully researching neighborhoods so that you can find a safe area with the amenities you want. You’ll also need to outline your budget. Working with a real estate agent can make your search much easier!

Navigate Your Move

You’ve just closed on your new house, and you can’t wait to move in and officially start operating your business! But first, you need to pack up your current home.

To make the packing process more efficient, Bob Vila recommends making an inventory of the items you’ll need to pack so that you can stay organized and check things off as you go. And even if you have a large vehicle to transport your belongings, hiring movers can reduce your stress! Here is a handy moving checklist to help you out.

Set Up Your Office

You’ve moved all of your boxes into your new home, and you’re eager to start unpacking. Before you do, make sure to spend some time cleaning – it’s easier to deep clean before you have any furniture out. After organizing essential items in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, you’re ready to set up your home office!

Put your desk and office chair together, organize your important supplies and materials, and hang any fun artwork or decor that inspires you on your walls. Remember, you’ll also need to set up a WiFi router for your home – make sure that your office gets a strong connection.

Launch Your Business

You can finally launch your business in your new home! You’ll want to pull together a business plan and budget with all of the key details. Next, you can invest in a basic business website so that your new customers can easily find you online.

In the meantime, check out your state’s requirements for entrepreneurs and invest in any necessary licenses or insurance policies. Your journey as an entrepreneur is about to begin!

Sometimes, settling down somewhere new feels like a permission slip to start fresh in other areas of your life, too. By moving to a new city, you can finally live out your entrepreneurial dreams. With these tips, you’ll be able to find a home where you can launch and grow your business.

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