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Declutter Your Home Simply

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Is a Messy House the Sign of a Genius?

Declutter and Organize TipsWe all know the phrase, “A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.” But what if that has been wrong all along? Are messy people actually smarter? Can we let go of the stigma that slobs are dumb and lazy? There may be some scientific evidence to back that up. Is it bad…

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Is Your Clutter Making You Sick?

Declutter and Organize TipsAnd what you can do about it right now! Lots of people feel overwhelmed by clutter. Whether you love to shop and need that extra pair of shoes or you hold onto things and can’t seem to throw them away, we all have some clutter in our lives that we would love…

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How To Declutter Your House In 3 Easy Steps

House Cleaning TipsLet’s face it, you can’t properly clean your house if it is cluttered. And a cluttered house is never going to look clean. It can also make you sick. So the first thing you really need to do before you clean is declutter your house. Some people get overwhelmed by clutter and don’t…

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