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We’ve previously discussed the surprising connection between a clean, organized home and healthier eating habits. A clutter-free living space is thought to yield better cognitive functioning and enhanced impulse control, which can result in healthy weight loss. Meanwhile, according to a Management Decision study, a messy environment can cause otherwise conscientious people to make inaccurate decisions. Such environments can cause discomfort and trigger a physical stress response like binge eating. According to an Environment and Behavior study, it can also spur you towards sedentary avoidance strategies like watching TV instead of exercising.

Thus, giving your home an organizational overhaul can reframe your surroundings so they’re cohesive to weight loss. You can encourage good habits or eliminate not-so-great ones depending on how and where you place food items. While these DIY measures may not fully substitute a healthy weight loss program, which features research-backed, flexible eating plans to help you make healthier choices, they share a similar goal of fostering holistic, behavior-based lifestyle changes. With the help of registered dietitians, nutrition scientists, and more, participants can overcome common weight-loss hurdles, like emotional or late-night eating, to make healthier habits second nature. This can be complemented at home by maintaining a tidy environment that makes maintaining these habits even easier.

So, if you’re ready to shed both the pounds and the clutter, follow these tips:

Clear your kitchen

A OnePoll survey found that 58% of people rate their kitchen as the most challenging room in the home to keep tidy. However, a clean kitchen is an essential foundation for better eating habits. In one study, 100 women were asked to spend time in clean and messy kitchens. The women in the disorganized kitchen consumed 103 calories of cookies compared to the control group, who consumed 38. Build small but consistent kitchen habits to keep from feeling overwhelmed by a big mess. Wash dishes immediately after eating, or give your countertop a quick wipe after meal prep. Also, make sure to keep food only in designated eating areas. That means getting rid of your bedside candy stash or those potato chips in the living room, which encourages you to eat only during mealtimes, potentially lowering your overall caloric intake.

Reorganize your pantry

A well-stocked pantry is ideal for weight loss, as preparing and cooking food at home gives you control over the quantity and quality of ingredients used. If you’ve just started your weight loss journey, some unhealthy food items in your pantry could impede your weight goals. Take each item out and sort everything into “keep” or “give/donate” piles to eliminate temptation from lurking at home. We tend to “eat with our eyes,” so how food is arranged can influence your dietary choices. Previously, it was assumed that people would most likely reach for foods at eye level. However, in a grocery store eye-tracking study, people gravitated to items 14.7 inches below eye level or chest level. Place healthy options here to remind yourself to make wise food choices.

Freshen up your fridge

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Americans throw away a shocking 168 pounds of spoiled food yearly from their fridge. To promote healthy eating geared towards weight loss, you want your fridge filled with exciting and colorful possibilities, not last week’s leftovers. Invest in aesthetically pleasing, stackable fridge organizers that can be labeled accordingly. Just like a well-kept closet makes it easy to get dressed, an orderly fridge lets you see everything at a glance so you can prepare healthy meals accordingly. This also reduces food waste. Another fridge tip: get vegetables in every color for added visual appeal — making you want to eat more!

Jazz up your dining room

Do you know that excited feeling when enjoying a meal at a beautiful restaurant? Recreating this for your dining room encourages you to enjoy homemade meals instead of ordering potentially unhealthy takeout. It’s time to stop saving the beautiful glassware and silverware for special occasions. You deserve to eat well daily, so breathe life into your dining room with coordinated place settings. Add candles or flowers for a restaurant-like touch. Finally, to keep portions small, use smaller plates; going from 12-inch to 10-inch plates can reduce calories by 22%.

With the above tips, you’ll soon add a new meaning to “clean eating.” For more housing cleaning tips for people who hate to clean do visit the rest of our site.