The Morning After…

Cleaning houses is hard enough. It’s even harder when you have a house full of people you have to dodge to get the job done. Some of my clients are notorious for having full houses during my scheduled cleaning days. Hey, it’s their house, I get it. But it would be nice to give the cleaning lady a heads up. Last week the bachelor (read … Continue reading The Morning After…

The Cleaning Lady Knows All Your Secrets

As a cleaning lady, I have to be in every nook and cranny of your house, and by extension, every nook and cranny of your life. That’s why it’s important to find someone who values discretion and confidentiality. But if you don’t want me to find something, put it away. And I’m not talking about under the bed where you hide your poopy pants. I … Continue reading The Cleaning Lady Knows All Your Secrets

The Cost of Being a Cleaning Lady

This post is not about the monetary costs, or the havoc the job wreaks on your body in the terms of labor or using harsh chemicals daily. What I am talking about here is the emotional cost, the cost of working with people for ten, fifteen years and being involved in there lives, watching their kids grow up, and sometimes watching them die. I have … Continue reading The Cost of Being a Cleaning Lady

The Hoarder, The Final Spin

Parts 1 and 2 here. The homework assignment I gave to the hoarder seemed to work, as she dove into the house with extra zeal. We went through the boxes again and managed to get a pretty large donation pile. Nothing sparked “joy” for her as much as not dying under a mountain of unopened Amazon boxes. Through the first year we made real progress … Continue reading The Hoarder, The Final Spin

The Hoarder, Part 2

The first day I worked at the Hoarder’s house, I realized things were going to be a little trickier than I thought. I brought a bunch boxes with me to set up “Donate,” “Keep” and “Maybe” boxes. I decided to start in the living room as I figured the clothes would be easy to put a good dent in and maybe the couple could actually … Continue reading The Hoarder, Part 2


The Hoarder, Part 1

I used to work for a hoarder for about five years. She contacted me when I still advertised on Craigslist. When I answered the phone, she burst into tears. “I’m sorry,” she sobbed. “I thought this would be easier.” “It’s alright. How can I help?” She explained to me her situation. She had been hoarding ever since her mother dies 3 years ago and she … Continue reading The Hoarder, Part 1

Cleaning Lady/Client Confidentiality

Or as I like to call it, “No ma’am,” “No sir” and “Fine” I realize the title of this post is a bit hypocritical, considering I write a blog about my clients, but I post anonymously and change the names of my subjects. And I highly doubt any of my many followers know any of these people, so I’m probably safe for now. Until the … Continue reading Cleaning Lady/Client Confidentiality

Spring Yard Work Time

In addition to cleaning the Bird Lady’s house and decking her halls with ungodly amounts of Christmas decorations, I also take care of her small back yard and flower beds in the front. This is not a job responsibility I look forward to, mostly because she refuses to buy the right equipment, like yard equipment. So come Spring, she hands me her kitchen scissors and … Continue reading Spring Yard Work Time

Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels

What Spring Cleaning Means to My Clients

Spring cleaning time has come which means a very busy season for me. All of my clients want the spring cleaning treatment, although some of them have very different ideas of what that actually means. For the few sane ones I clean for, we do the usual deep-cleaning routine—wiping inside the cabinets, decluttering, washing curtains and blinds, and throwing away the expired eighty ounces of … Continue reading What Spring Cleaning Means to My Clients

Ironing to the Oldies

Today I go to my eldest client’s house. Well, it’s not a house. She lives in an independent living community. It’s really just a big hotel-looking building with little apartments in it and a rec room for bingo. It’s a very nice place but I always feel like I’m walking back in time when I go there.  Ornate furniture lines the lobby with grandfather clocks … Continue reading Ironing to the Oldies