thanksgiving dinner on table with person eating

With Thanksgiving next week and a pandemic in full swing, the holidays this year seem a bit uncertain for many. You may have cancelled that trip to Gramma’s house and are just having Turkey Day with your immediate family (I’m really going to miss Uncle Bob’s inappropriate war stories about that brothel in Vietnam). So here are some of the best, and at times cringeworthy, Thanksgiving ads from years past to lift your spirits.

1. Meijer Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t want that kind of reception for all their hard work?

Courtesy of
iMakeTV247 via YouTube

2. Jennie-O Oven-Ready Turkey

This one kind of grossed me out a little. That’s one BIG turkey!

Courtesy of Jesse Olsen via YouTube
new kids table pie etsy lisitng

Printable Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Sign

Make the kids table feel special at the kid’s table with this cute printable Kid’s Table Sign / Centerpiece

3. Stabbington Knives

I sure wasn’t expecting that! This would have fit in nicely with my Halloween commercial list. It’s also a parody.

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tremendosaur via YouTube

4. Robert DeNiro & Billy Crystal Thanksgiving Commercial

How can you go wrong with two greats dressed up as a turkey and a pilgrim?

Courtesy of TheHolidayZone via YouTube